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TANTRASHASTRA is created by Lord Shiva, where YANTRAS are strengthened with spiritual POWERS by means of MANTRAS and are established exclusively for the well being of the whole society and human soul. There are so many misconceptions and disbelieves regarding this SHASTRA but when this is created by Lord Shiva, how can it harm human beings? It′s not magic Shastra but it′s a weapon which can be used only in the benefit of human being for good health, prosperity, peace, happiness and success.

The roots of the word are from Sanskrit:

  • Tan - Thread, web, stretch, spread or expand, and
  • Tra - Tool or instrument.
  • Tantra - Tool for expansion or a weaving.
Through Tantric practice, one can experience an expansion of consciousness and recognize the inter connectivity of the web of existence.


The supreme presence is ′SACHCHIDANAND′. The most potential source of all is “ATMA”; the soul. It is imaginary; the universe emerges from “ATMA”, For this reason it is said that the universe exists and merges in the “ATMA”. All are recognized by the five sense organs which are controlled by the mind, However the mind cannot see the “ATMA” but can feel the ATMA with the help of these five sense organs. Any vibration of the mind is possible by ATMA through these five sense organs. Again vibrations of mind has two forms, namely; IMAGINING, FEELING.
Since the mind cannot see the “ATMA”, the human soul cannot imagine the supreme presence. To facilitate worshipping the Almighty, the mind creates ′ISHWAR” i.e. the imagination of supreme presence in some form. Thus the imagination of GOD or ISHWAR is established.  Infact the Almighty is without any form or substance so it is called “NIRGUN SWARUPA”. The supreme presence that is with form and substance is called “SAGUN BHAVA” or “ISHWAR” or “GOD”. Tantrik Philosophy deals with the “Sagun Bhava” of the supreme presence. The ways of worship of the supreme in the diminished form for the blessing, benefit, solace, peace, happiness, success and well- being etc. are dealt with in Tantra Shastra.

The Tantrik Literature is very voluminous. It has been originates, when the Prapanch of world had begun. After the Pralaya i.e. dissolution, three GUNAS (The Characters) emanate. They are Rajasguna, Sattvaguna and Tamasguna. Their Lords are Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra respectively. whose duty is to create, preserve and destroy respectively. This is just for the purpose of recognition of the eternal imperished, “AKSHARA”. Akshara means something which has no destruction, out of which the 25 Tatvas have sprung. “Purush” and ” Prakruti” and “Ahamkar” are the triad, on which 25 “Tatvas” are established. Five Tanmatras, five Jnyanendriyas, five Karmendriyas and Manas (Mind) are the elements of these Tatvas. “Purush is the inactive witness of the all the Tatvas and its Kriyas (actions). “Prakruti” is the Shabda Brahman and Kundalini Shakti and Sahasrara chakra. This is known by the term ” Maya”, ” Avidya”.

“Mahat” is an intelligence. “Ahamkar” is egoism (I′ ness). Out of the five Tanmatras, the “Panchbhutas”, which are Prithvi, Jal, Agni, Vayu and Akash, have sprung up.

Purush / Prakruti / Mahat / Ahamkar
  • Five Tanmatras – Five Tanmatras are Shabda, Sparsha, Rupa, Ras and Gandha.
  • Five Jnyanedriyas – Five Jnyanendriyas are Twak, Chakshu, Jihva, Ghrana and Shrotra
  • Five Karmendriyas – Five Karmendriyas are Vak, Pada, Pani, Payu and Upasth.
  • Manas 

There are 64 different and important classes in Tantrik literature.

They are as mentioned below:


The Prapanchasar Tantra and Sharda Tilakam are outstanding pieces of Tantra literature. Parmeshwar Tantram and Kalivilas Tantram are said to be the most effective in Kaliyuga.

The nature and application of Mantras, the Tantra Shastra deals with the “Aksharam” and the “Supreme”. The sound of alphabets comes from the six Adhars (Base), which are “Muladhar”, “Swadhishthana”, “Manipurak”, “Anahat”, “Vishudhi” and ” Ajna”. These all are called “CHAKRAS”. Even though the basis of Tantra is “Nirgun Brahma” and the ritualistic way to realise the “Brahman” is through “Sagun Brahma”. “Sagun Brahma” means the GOD who has the quality of supreme powers. Shiva is considered as supreme GOD. The all pervading universe of the movable and immovable objects is formed by words and sentences which are formed from 50 alphabetical letters i.e. from “A to Sa” (Akaradi to Sakarantam). All these are imagined to reside in the moon and we know according to this Shastra, that the moon is the mind. The Nirgun aspect of “Shiva” is called Purush and Sagun aspect belongs to Prakruti. Prakruti eradicates the evils and grants all the good things.

Nairuti (South / west): He removes the fear of our enemie.

Varuna(West) : He is the GOD of rain. He showers his blessings through rain and brings prosperity and pleasure in life all around.

Vayu (North / West) : He bestows long life, good health and strength on us. He is the root of all life.

Kuber (North) : He is the GOD of wealth. He grants us wealth and all comforts of life.

Who doesn′t want all these things in the life ? These GODs belong to all religions, cultures, kind and creeds. Now-a-days, when people want to construct a house or other buildings, they devote more time for minute details of foundation, superstructure, comforts, appearance etc, without thinking about whether such a house or building will bring them prosperity, health, wealth, wisdom and happiness in their life, paving the way for progress and peaceful living or not?

Indra (East):

Ishana (North/East):

Agni (South/ East):

Yama (South):

Tantra – Mantra- Yantrashastra

Tantra means deliverance, rescue or salvation. Yantra is a medium to call the Gods. Mantra is a word or formula having miraculous powers.

There are 64 types of Tantra. Tantra is one sort of an effort for the attainment of God or any other thing. By following the path of Tantra one can change the future and acquire any thing on this earth. If Astrology is the prescription, than Tantra is the Medicine.

Yantra is a device to call the Gods. Yantra acts as a mediator between us and the God. As the soul needs the body to live in, Yantra is necessary to call the Gods (or to please them). There are many types of yantra, a popular one being of Goddess Maha Bhagwati Tripur Sundari called the ′Sri Yantra′, If this Yantra is endowed with spiritual powers, then it gives one who keeps it in his house not only money, but luxury.

Mantra is a power to rule the mind. According to science, the words of man are never destroyed. By the use of Mantra and chanting the Mantra one can please the Gods, acquire spiritual knowledge and fulfill all that they desire. We at our organization, guide and help people in acquiring what they want by the use of these sciences.