“VASTU” ensures a harmonious balance between human beings and nature and thereby brings all-round happiness, health, wealth and prosperity.
VastuShastra deals with the place of construction of house, building and any structure, where the person lives or works. Vastu means habitation. VastuShastra is an ancient art and is purely a science, containing the principles and practices of constructing buildings, structures, houses etc. which ensures harmonious balance between human beings and nature; thereby bringing all round happiness, health, wealth and prosperity.
We provide consultancy for construction, building, location & directions, interiors, furniture, wooden work, partitions, paneling, colour scheme, paintings and everything related to VastuShastra to find exactly what is wrong with the structure & building of the home.

Vaastu for Health, Wealth & Happiness

Vastu in Sanskrit means nature, a surrounding or environment. The word “Vastu” denotes anything existing such as a house, shelter, building etc. Shastra in sanskrit means system .VastuShastra is an ancient art and science, consisting principles and practices of constructing buildings, ensures a harmonious balance between man and nature.
As a child feels peace in the lap of its Mother, in the same way we feel peace & relaxation in our home. When one of the parts of our body gets hurt, the whole body feels pain. In the same way our home is also like our body. If anything is wrong in the home, Then the residents can never be happy.
Power to solve these problems comes from “VASTUSHASTRA”, based on the holy and religious Granth named “VISHWAKARMAPRAKASH” what is exactly wrong with the structure and making Construction of that home can be found out from this Granth.
Apart from this, there are other religious Vastu Granthas: MAYAMATAM”, SAMARANGANSUTRADHAR”, VASTUVALLABH” etc.
Vastushastra is a science, which teaches about the construction of various buildings. By following the principles of vastushastra one can prosper in many ways. Vastushastra is based on ten directions and each direction is ruled by one God. The good and bad aspects of that particular direction are thus predicted by their position. According to Science, vastushastra shows how one can prosper by taking advantage of the magnetic poles of the earth.
Our organization has concluded after observing the experiences of people that vastu is very useful during construction of new homes. But some buildings are already constructed and cannot be changed in any way and even in new houses the construction may not be according to vastu. As an alternative to this we have designed a device called.

Vastudosh Nivaran Yantra

(a device which corrects any faults that have remained in your building, without making any kind of changes in the construction and building).This after extensive research and study of a 2500 year old epic named ′Vastutantrasar′ We have experimented with this device on many houses and have acquired success. Our organization gives guidelines on Vastu, and also gives a way out of other problems related to it.